Protecktive packaging

To protect solidly and tough

With protectiv packagings from Verpackung Rainer Zahner GmbH your goods are perfectly insulated, upholstered and possible cavities are filled. We offer always the best suited packaging type – garment protection covers, agricultural film, construction film, machine foil, front box lids, flat film, flap bags, side gusseted bags, flat bags and pressure lock bags.

To live up to our demands in respect of condition, processing and consistency of our products we guarantee consistently high product quality in our packing solutions due to a demanding quality management.

To live up to our demands in respect of amongst others basically offered fair service, please, contact us for a specific offer by phone or with our contact form because we calculate this fairly and due to the steadily change of the commodity prices up-to-dately.

We offer matching packaging for almost all industrial areas for nearly every type of goods. Industrypackaging
For the food tradesman or textiles distributor. We offer the best matching packaging. Tradepackaging
We deliver the best quality according to your needs. To protect, to store or for the transport. Agriculturepackaging